Supporting Your Team and Watching Your Mouth

Make no mistake about it, there’s a lot of passion in college sports.  But there’s a growing concern among college sports officials over how that’s being expressed at the games, according to this article in USA Today.

“It reflects poorly on the university when there is any kind of derogatory language coming out of our stands in a unified manner like that,” said Herb Vincent, LSU senior associate athletics director.

The article details how several athletic programs, including our good friends over at Virginia Tech, are taking steps to curtail vulgar chants.  Efforts, however, that some people feel won’t change anything.

The effort to stop Virginia Tech’s chant only made things worse, said graduate student Jenny Mueller. “I’m going to keep yelling it at every game,” she said. “And louder.”

Some see the crackdown as a free-speech issue. Chris Hansen, American Civil Liberties Union national staff lawyer, said the language isn’t obscene. “Kids aren’t shouting this in an effort to arouse the opposing team,” he said. “They’re shouting it to insult the other team.”

So much, I guess, for the simple days of “Sis Boom Ba.  Go Team, Go!”

Posted by Jeff Kraus


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