An Update on the Transfer Grant Legislation

Very, very few items, during the time that I’ve been working with community colleges, have caught people’s attention like the Two-Year Transfer Grant proposal the General Assembly passed in 2007.  The grants are an effort to help working-class families afford the opportunity of a college education for their children.

One of the sponsors of last year’s proposal, Henrico County Senator Walter Stosch, is working this year to slightly expand the eligibility of students for these grants.  You can read the details of his bill, SB 148, and follow its legislative progress by clicking here. 

P.S.  We are frequently being asked by students who support these grants what they can do about it.  The answer, of course, is to communicate with your delegate, your senator and the governor.  Policymakers don’t know what you want if you don’t tell them.  You would be surprised at the power a clear, concise and heartfelt letter or email can carry.

(And of course, for this and other student-related issues, you can get involved with Virginia 21 who are, according to their website, “involving young people across the Commonwealth in the political process by providing information, directing advocacy and coordinating political action on a non-partisan issue agenda.”)

Posted by Jeff Kraus


2 responses to “An Update on the Transfer Grant Legislation

  1. Are there still financial eligibility stipulations attached to this bill as it was in 2007? I hope not because middle class families who make over $100,000 need help too! With expenses such as heating and transportation fuel cost rising, spendable income continues to dwindle.

  2. The transfer grant was always intended to be a tool for working-class families. Knowing that, I’m sure there will be some sort of income criteria that will affect eligibility.

    Again, this is the type of thing you have to communicate with your delegate and senator about. They determine the policy.

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