State Board Accepts VCCS Campus Safety Report

The Virginia State Board for Community Colleges accepted the community colleges campus safety report created by a special VCCS task force.  You can read a press release and follow a link to the entire report here.

The task force was created in the wake of the Virginia Tech shooting last April.

While the issue of weapons on campus is emotional, controversial and high-profile, it is only one of the many issues addressed in the report’s 40 recommendations.

“I appreciate the leadership and hard work of the panel members,” said Glenn DuBois, chancellor of Virginia’s Community Colleges. “We serve two out of every three undergraduate students attending public colleges in Virginia and they’re all commuter students.  We serve them in 5.7 million square feet of instructional space in 224 buildings located on our 40 campuses in urban, suburban and rural settings. Our sheer size and diversity make campus safety a challenge while underscoring its priority.”

The report focuses a great deal on streamlining the campus safety information that is required in different forms by dozens of government agencies; the need for a high-tech and low-tech layered approach to communications in an emergency; and the need and benefit for a single point of contact, on each college campus, to coordinate emergency planning and preparedness efforts.

Posted by Jeff Kraus


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