Second Chance for Success

ssvcc-125.jpgAndrea Thaxton speaks passionately about her experience at Southside Virginia Community College.  Those who hear her are immediately enthralled with her dedication to promoting the benefits of a community college education. And Andrea is no stranger to speaking on the matter.

As a graduate of the Middle College program and a current SsVCC student, she has become a motivational speaker to other Middle College students in training preparation courses. She motivates other students to follow her lead and create a better life for themselves, their families and their community.

“I tell them my story. I tell them that everyone has obstacles to face in their lives, but community college can be their second chance for success.” 

Without completing her high school education, Andrea knew that her opportunities would be limited. Encouraged by her husband and her mentor, Deloris Suitt, she approached the faculty and staff at Middle College.

Offered at five colleges, Middle College allows individuals lacking a high school degree to pursue a GED, community college education and a workforce certification in a college environment.

“You have to want to make a change in your life. But once you make the decision, everyone at the community college will help you. They want you to succeed. They have changed my whole outlook on life.”

In addition to speaking to students, Andrea is working toward her associate’s degree in business management, interning for the Virginia Tech-Halifax Initiative and planning to pursue a four-year degree through the transfer program. The opportunities provided to her through SsVCC have inspired her to visit the General Assembly. 

Speaking to Senator Frank M. Ruff, Jr. in front of a conference room of Halifax business leaders, Andrea doesn’t hesitate to express her appreciation for the Senator’s support and to urge for continued funding for Middle College so that others may experience the same chances offered to her. 

The audience in the room is obviously impressed.

“I was a little nervous, but it feels good to get your point across. I just want everyone to know how community college has changed my life. Middle College is the most amazing program.”

A motivated and passionate student and mentor, Andrea Thaxton is already a great success!

Pictured: Andrea Thaxton was among Southside Virginia Community College students visiting the General Assembly on Wednesday.

Posted by Lauren Von Herbulis


4 responses to “Second Chance for Success

  1. Mary Jane Elkins

    Wow, this is a great article and again, I am reminded of the opportunities provided by OUR community colleges!

  2. Andrea attended her Middle College classes at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center. She is an excellent example of why the Center exists, and the opportunities it affords the people of our region. We are very proud of her.

  3. This is inspiration to young adults everywhere. The Middle College program is a true sucess and the students involved will benefit greatly!

  4. Great article. Middle College has helped many young adults across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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