Dual Enrollment scores a hit for high school senior

stevenkeener.jpgWhen it comes to pursuing his education, Alleghany High School baseball player Steven Keener has really stepped up to the plate.

Like an increasing number of high school students around the commonwealth, who are taking college courses for credit at their local community colleges, the 18-year-old senior is dual enrolled at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College.

“At times it’s been difficult, but definitely worth it,” Steven explains. He is referring to his classes and studies at both schools, as well as playing baseball. But all his efforts have paid off.  When Steven enters Liberty University this fall, he will do so with a baseball scholarship, and as a sophomore with more than 33 college credits under his belt.

Steven lauds all the advantages dual enrollment has given him and all the courses DSLCC has offered. “It is very flexible, some of my classes are on campus and some are at my high school.” With great enthusiasm, he also relates how the sociology class he is taking this semester uses a web-conferencing software which allows users with an Internet connection to interact in real time classes. “I had a class this morning in my hotel room,” he says. “The technology the professor is using allows me to keep up with my class and be here in Richmond today.”

Steven is excited about visiting legislators. His overwhelming interest in politics is apparent as he speaks with a Virginia21 representative about Super Tuesday and shares his plans to major in government and then go on to law school. Steven was also honored to be chosen to participate in last summer’s Boys State–a comprehensive course in state and local government.

 Perhaps drawing on that experience, he doesn’t hesitate to step up to the plate once again to speak with State Senator Creigh Deeds and Delegate Jim Shuler on behalf of community colleges and the opportunity and advantage it has afforded him. “It’s too good to pass up,” Steven says, speaking of dual enrollment. “It provided me with a great head start on my college education.”

As the group was leaving his office, Delegate Shuler graciously offered the students lapel pins of the U.S. and Virginia flags.  “Now let me give you all something,” he said.  While everyone was saying thank you, Steven, of course, was one of the first to put his on.

Posted by Carol Kyber


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