Leader of the Pack

mec-90.jpgWill Fagg is undoubtedly a leader, but a modest one. He blushes at the compliments awarded to him by his teachers, colleagues and fellow students who describe him as “a dedicated student who seeks to learn more, is genuinely interested and takes time to interact with fellow students and create a positive environment.”

Will joins the student delegation from Northern Virginia Community College‘s Medical Education Campus at the General Assembly. The “MedEd” campus was specifically created to teach and develop nursing and allied health professionals.

A former corpsman in the Navy, Will has joined the ranks of nursing students and aspires to one day be a teacher in the community college system. 

“The military is a gateway to the medical field for men. Many of the male nurses I have spoken with have gotten their start in the military. When I was 19 though, I didn’t really look for ways to be involved. Now I feel that I can make a difference.”

In conversations with delegates and senators, Will leads his group, demonstrating the need for continued funding as a specialized medical education campus within the community college system.  But Will also has another goal:  to seek funding to help nursing students obtain master’s degrees.

Making a difference is what has brought Will and the NVCC “MedEd” delegation to the General Assembly. With a solid strategy for tackling the pressing issues, they discuss the constant need for nurses in Virginia and the impact of cutting funding on the healthcare system and quality of life for all Virginians.

According to the Chancellor’s Task Force on Nursing Education, “The State Council for Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV)has estimated that by 2020, the state’s demand for registered nurses will outpace the supply by approximately 22,600 full-time RNs.  This will cause a significant crisis for Virginia, as medical facilities will be unable to meet the need for providing quality care.”

“If we don’t get funding to train nurses, update our equipment and receive adequate space we are going to be in a world of hurt. And so are the patients who need us,” says one NVCC faculty member.

Despite the urgency of their message, Will is optimistic about his time spent in General Assembly. Hoping others will follow in his footsteps, he encourages more people to get involved.

“Every little bit helps.”

Posted by Lauren Von Herbulis


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