Community College Instructors Win Outstanding Faculty Awards

Two instructors from Virginia’s Community Colleges are being honored by Governor Tim Kaine and the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia. 

Dr. Brent Kendrick, a professor of English at Lord Fairfax Community College and an active researcher on the works of New England writer Mary Wilkins Freeman and Dr. Walerian Majewski, a Professor of Physics at Northern Virginia Community College who has devoted years of research to theoretical elementary particle physics were named as recipients of the 2008 Outstanding Faculty Award.

“These faculty members were selected by their peers as elite educators who have helped make the Commonwealth’s higher education system one of the finest in the nation,” said Governor Tim Kaine. “Their commitment to excellence both in and out of the classroom can be seen not only in their diverse research endeavors, but also in their public volunteerism and advocacy of service learning opportunities. They truly represent the best Virginia has to offer its students and citizens.”

You can read more by clicking on this link to the news release on the governor’s website.

 Since the first awards ceremony in 1987, a total of 256 Virginia faculty members, including the 2008 recipients, have received this high honor.

Posted by Jeff Kraus


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