The Road Less Traveled

0226081025-90.jpgGigi Dosamantes is a trailblazer. The first in her family to graduate from high school and pursue a college education, she understands the impact her decisions will have on future generations. Moving to the United States from Mexico at age 2, Gigi has grown up in an environment where higher education was not well understood.

“When I graduated from high school my dad said to me ‘I have done my job. You have done better than me’. But I knew that I wanted to do more than graduate high school. I had a 3.7 GPA and teachers at school pushed me to do more with my education.”

So, Gigi entered a four year university, like many of her friends from high school, but soon felt the financial burden. She returned home and enrolled at Paul D. Camp Community College where she is pursuing an associate’s degree in business administration.

“It’s funny because my parents didn’t really understand why I would go to college and my friends didn’t really understand why I transferred to a community college. There is a lot that is not known about community colleges and that’s what I want to do – educate people about the opportunities.”

Raising awareness about opportunities at community colleges has brought Gigi to the General Assembly with a student delegation from PDCCC. She hopes that her delegates and senators will continue to fund programs such as the transfer grant, which she will use to enroll at Christopher Newport University next year.

Back in her community, Gigi wants to promote awareness of community college education at high schools by being a student ambassador and sharing her experiences and success.  And at home, she involves her parents in her academic life, taking her dad to open houses and introducing him to teachers. 

“I show him that as much as I care about my studies, my school cares about me.”

Already exceeding her parents’ expectations, Gigi continues to blaze a trail for future generations in her family. She hopes to one day be an educator herself and encourages others to find success on the road less traveled.

Posted by Lauren Von Herbulis


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