An “A” for Ambitious Effort!

Northern Virginia Community College Career Coach, Louise B. Robinson, has written a handbook Career Coaching for Parents: How to Help Your Teen Discover and Research Potential Career Pathways.  Ms. Robinson did extensive research prior to writing the book, and includes excerpts from the VCCS Career Coaches Handbook.  NVCC has printed the book, which is available upon request to VCCS career coaches.

In addition to producing a parent guide to career coaching, Louise has developed a two-hour workshop for parents interested in learning more about how to assist their teens in career and college searches, decision making, and action planning.  Her Parent-Teen workshops have been sponsored by Loudoun and Fairfax County School Divisions, and by the Mentoring Partnership of Alexandria (an organization that trains mentors to work with young adults who are referred by the court system).  Ms. Robinson has also been invited to present her material at a parent workshop on career exploration and college planning to be held May 3 at the Arlington Career Center.  Can an appearance on the Today Show be far behind? 

Finally, in a highly creative internal partnership with NVCC’s Workforce Development Services, Louise is teaching three sections of a Parent-Teen workshop in non-credit weekend classes open to the public. 

Congratulations to Louise and her support team at NVCC!  The VCCS looks forward to offering the Parent-Teen workshop model to coaches at the 2008 Career Coaches Academy.

Posted by Heather Millar 


One response to “An “A” for Ambitious Effort!

  1. I feel very fortunate to have the support of many guidance directors and and counselors, academy principals, career specialists and career coaches to bring this program to parents.

    We are learning alot during this first year about what works and what needs to be tweaked to reach more parents. For instance, we are exploring the possibility of flash presentations on the Tech Prep website to reach those parents who can’t physically make it to a presentation due to work and family obligations. We’ll keep you posted on that development.

    We also welcome any suggestions from others about what they are doing to reach parents. They are such a diverse group and have such different needs. Please let us know what you do that works!

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