Virginia’s Community Colleges are helping the U.S. Navy spread American know-how across the world

You know that frustration you get when you buy something only to bring it home and find it has no directions for assembly or usage, or even better, it has those text-free hieroglyphic instructions with random arrows suggesting a twist here and a snap there?  Good taste requires me not to mention the colorful words that  such “helpful” directions can inspire.

But imagine if someone came to you, worked with you to get it working right and even checked back with you awhile later to ensure there were no lingering problems – how wonderful would that be?

Well, Rappahannock Community College is working with the United States Navy, training sailors to do just that for the military personnel of friendly nations who purchase and use American equipment, according to this story in the Rappahannock Record:

After their training is complete, the Expeditionary Forces, in teams of five to ten trainers, travel to their host countries to assess the foreign troops’ skills, develop training programs, and, after weeks of mentoring, return for periodic refreshers and progress reports.

They function as trainers and as ambassadors. Representing the United States to other countries, they deliver cultural as well as technical lessons.

Today’s geopolitical challenges are numerous and complex.  It’s hard to say what implication this partnership carries in the way of global peace and stability.  After all, we are so far talking only about a handful of people to complete the training course.  But it’s telling that when the U.S. Navy needed high-quality workforce training skills and the ability to teach them to others, they came knocking on the door of a Virginia Community College.

Posted by Jeff Kraus


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