Budget a wrap; conferees named to continue work on bond bill

The General Assembly adjourned Thursday night just after 11 p.m. after approving a two-year, $77 million spending plan, just a few days after its scheduled adjournment date. You can find details of the final conference report here (HB29 for current year; HB30 for 2008-2010 biennium).

But the bond package including construction projects for Virginia’s colleges and universities was not part of the final agreement — the two previous bond bills were left to die, and new proposals were submitted in a special session which started yesterday but is continued to April 23, 2008 — also the new date of the reconvened session. The new bills are SB5001 and HB5001. Conferees were appointed to work out the differences in the bills after each house approved its own version, amended the version of the other house and then rejected the changes. Conferees who will be working on the bond bills include:

The April 23 date for the reconvened session represents a one week delay over the original schedule. Left up in the air is when — and whether —  a potential reconvened session might take place on the transportation issue.

Posted by Susan Hayden


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