Special Session on Transportation Starts Today

The General Assembly comes back to Richmond today to consider Governor Timothy Kaine’s proposed transportation plan.  The Governor has stated that his plan will offer a solution for the state’s growing highway needs and provide funds to tackle congestion problems in Northern Virginia and Tidewater.  The governor’s bill transportation bill :

  • Increases the existing statewide motor vehicles sales tax from 3% to 4% with a 1/2% increase in January 2009 and another 1/2% increase in July 2009, and dedicates all motor vehicle sales tax to maintenance;
  • Increases the statewide annual vehicle registration fee by $10 and earmarks those funds for maintenance;
  • Increases the retail sales tax in Northern Virginia by 1% (not including food and drugs) and dedicates those funds to the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority for special projects in Northern Virginia and to seven regional projects in Hampton Roads (including the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel) and abolishes the  Hampton Roads Transportation Authority;
  • Increases the statewide grantor’s tax by 25 cents, and dedicates those funds to the Transportation Change Fund;
  • Provides incentives for cities and towns to take responsibility for road construction programs; and
  • Creates incentives that encourage more efficient land use patterns among Virginia’s localities.

The Governor’s plan may be viewed at:  www.transportation.virginia.gov

Posted by:  Ellen Davenport


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