Chancellor’s Summer Bike Tour

Summer vacation has arrived and while many Virginians are taking time off to travel with family, visit the beach or just take an afternoon dip in the local pool, Chancellor DuBois prepares to embark on different sort of vacation.

Beginning Friday, he will start a two-week, 700-mile bike tour of Virginia to promote Great Expectations, a program started by the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education to provide education and resources for foster care youth in this state.

Though not your typical summer vacation, the Chancellor’s Summer Bike Tour will take him to various community colleges and centers across the state to speak with students, faculty, social workers and community members about the opportunity to help foster care youth in Virginia.

Speaking to Karin Kapsidelis of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Dr. DuBois said, “Virginia trails among states in what happens to foster-care youths when they age out of the system. The state has the highest percentage of teens leaving foster care without a permanent home — about 500 annually.”

Great Expectations will help these youth transition out of the foster care system and into a postsecondary program by providing educational and financial support.

“The way we’re going to help these youth and all youth is to provide a post-secondary education, helping them earn a degree or certificate that is worth something in the marketplace.” 

With nine stops on his Summer Bike Tour and 700 miles to travel, Chancellor DuBois has a difficult task ahead but is excited to hit the open road to raise awareness and resources for the exciting new program.

To find out more about the Chancellor’s Summer Bike Tour and to learn more ways to get involved with Great Expectations please visit

Posted by Lauren Von Herbulis


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