BRCC’s “whodunit” fundraiser features president’s untimely “demise”

You have to laugh when you read about the BRCC Educational Foundation’s latest fundraiser. It features a murder mystery dinner — only the “victim” is Blue Ridge President Jim Perkins.

Harrisonburg’s Rocktown Weekly writes about the murder mystery dinner, to be held Oct. 3 at BRCC’s Robert E. Plecker Workforce Center, in today’s issue.

The suspects are top community leaders, including the mayor of Harrisonburg; a Staunton councilman; and local company presidents, all of whom have relationships with Blue Ridge Community College.

It’s clear they are already having fun with it. Rocktown Weekly quotes Harrisonburg Mayor Rodney Eagle as saying:

I’m innocent. I didn’t do it……but I’ve always wanted to be hit man.

Dr. Perkins is enjoying the fun as much as anyone “This year we wanted to do  something different,” he says, giggling a bit when he thinks of his own upcoming demise. He has a role of his own: he plays his long-lost twin brother, Tim, who returns from an African safari to assist in the investigation.

Participants in the dinner interrogate the suspects, investigate the crime scene and work in small groups to solve the crime.

The “whodunit” idea for a fundraiser reminds me of simpler times — when it was Mrs. Scarlet who committed the crime in the library with a candlestick. 

Sorry Dr. Perkins, but what fun.


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