Scholarship carries more “weight” than paperweight

Americans spend November in a spirit of Thanksgiving. So it’s fitting that Virginia’s Community Colleges spent November in a spirit of thanks, too.

Earlier this month, the foundation on behalf of Virginia’s Community Colleges made a special, surprise announcement and gift  — the Eva T. Hardy Endowed Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship.

Spearheaded by friends and colleagues who wanted to thank her for her years of service to the Commonwealth, the gift represents a lasting legacy that will provide higher education opportunity to future Virginians.

As Governor Baliles said in a video tribute to Mrs. Hardy – “an engraved paperweight or plaque just didn’t seem enough.”

Here’s Governor Baliles: 

And here’s the honor roll of Virginians who supported the scholarship effort: 

As just one of her many civic, philanthropic and corporate activities, Mrs. Hardy has served as a member of the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education, helping steer a group dedicated to increasing the availability of higher education opportunity for all Virginians.

She spoke at the recent Annual Meeting of Virginia’s Community Colleges, reflecting on the beginnings of the Virginia Community College System and the “remarkable political achievement” it represented.  In today’s climate — just like in the 1960s when the system was created — she said:

we must act upon the conditions and make the case for what community colleges do for Virginia. These schools are the portal through which Virginia reaches the world…and through which the world reaches Virginia.

The scholarship in Eva T. Hardy’s name will continue to open the door of opportunity, and be a living legacy for a model of public service to Virginia.


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