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Community college events help boost voter rolls

MECC StudentsNew voters have been signing up “in droves” at a number of voter registration events held at Virginia’s Community Colleges, area newspapers report.

With Virginia expected to register more new voters than ever before this fall, Virginia Community Colleges have been the sites for a number of voter registration drive events at colleges. 

The Rock the Vote organization as been at Mountain Empire (Mountain Empire Community College lets good times roll with voter …Kingsport Times News –Sep 10, 2008); Virginia Highlands (Students rock the vote Southwest Virginia Today –Sep 30, 2008) and other colleges. Reality show celebrity Jose Tapia visited J. Sargeant  Reynolds last week for a forum with students (Young voters seen as key to turnout – Richmond Times Dispatch –Sep 29, 2008)

Community colleges have always been key in grass-roots election campaigns.  When higher education bonds are on the agenda, as in 1992 and 2002, local networking through community colleges often pushes those measures over the top.

In the Kingsport Times News, a Mountain Empire student said:

“A lot of young people don’t understand their votes matter…” said Emily Allen, wearing a Rock the Vote T-shirt splattered with Rock the Vote stickers. “We have to know that we have the power to influence how our future goes. We need to recognize, we do have a voice.”

The deadline to register to vote in Virginia is Monday, Oct. 6.