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Tidewater Community College hosting inaugural simulcast for the community

A story today at Inside HigherEd.com talks about the involvement of colleges and universities across the nation in this month’s inauguration of President Barack Obama.  Tidewater Community Community College earned a mention for hosting an event for the entire community.

Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, Va. is extending an invitation to the its surrounding neighborhood to gather for the event. It will host an inauguration simulcast on the large-screen of its downtown arts center, a restored 1920’s Loew’s Theater, which can seat 800.

“This is the first-time we’ve done something like this,” said Laurie S. White, Tidewater spokeswoman, adding that she anticipates a capacity crowd given the excitement on her campus. “We still have classes that day, but we’re expecting some classes to join us in the theater for the event.” 

Just like the other Virginia community colleges that are hosting public hearings on Governor Tim Kaine’s budget proposals, this is a reminder of why the word “community” is so prominent in both the names and missions of Virginia’s Community Colleges.


VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 13- Outstanding students find outstanding opportunity

podcast_button1.pngVaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 13– This week’s VaHigherEd podcast features an elite group of community college students, members of the “First Virginia Team,” named by the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society as the “top ten” two-year students in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

These “top ten,” along with more than 50 of their high-achieving peers who comprise the All-Virginia Academic Team, were in Richmond April 16 for the annual PTK Honors Luncheon, where they were recognized as the best and the brightest of Virginia’s community college students.

These students are not very different from any Virginia community college student. They are looking for transfer options, looking for affordable, quality higher education close to home. They are taking advantage of sometimes the only opportunity available as they seek a better future. They have found those opportunities – and they have risen to the top of their class.

Stephanie Umphlette attends Rappahannock Community College as a dual enrollment student – while finishing high school at the Governor’s School in Warsaw. She’ll graduate from RCC in May – before she graduates from high school in June.

Cynthia Spencer had been out of school 20 years when she decided to commit to an engineering career – starting at the Loudoun Campus of Northern Virginia Community College.

David Dutton, profoundly deaf since birth, has overcome many difficulties to attend complete his education at Lord Fairfax Community College, where he has started an American Sign Language society.

And Samantha Cousin made a conscious decision to save on college with two years at Tidewater Community College before a zoology career takes her to Idaho State University.

Stephanie UmphletteCynthia SpencerDavid DuttonSamantha Cousin

Pictured from left to right: Stephanie Umphlette (RCC); Cynthia Spencer (NVCC); David Dutton (LFCC); Samantha Cousin (TCC)

See all members of the First Virginia Team.


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It’s All about Love

barnes-90.jpgDeborah Barnes loves Tidewater Community College.  So much, in fact, that she intends to run for student government president in their May election. Her first action as president will be to implement a “Love Rally” which will inform and raise awareness about multicultural differences on the TCC Norfolk Campus.

“I attended the National Black Student Leadership Development Conference in Washington D.C. and was empowered to step up and make a difference in my school. I want to start a Love Rally because I think it’s important that everybody appreciates diversity,” says Deborah.

Visiting the General Assembly with the student delegation from TCC’s Norfolk campus, Deborah is stepping up to her role as a student leader, advocating for continued funding for community colleges.

Deborah says that the resources available to her at TCC, such as financial aid, computer labs, tutoring, online help, professor’s office hours and counseling at the Women’s Center, have made the difference in her education. Additionally, the encouragement she received from faculty and staff has pushed her to continue her studies even when the balance between raising a family, work and school became difficult.

“The staff is very talkative and they want to get to know you. The more you talk to one another, the more you learn. I know that I can make an appointment with any of the deans and they will take time to speak to me.  That is one of this school’s best qualities.”

Meeting with Senator Yvonne Miller in the morning, Deborah shares her love for TCC.  Applauding Deborah’s commitment to education and her plans for continuing her education at Norfolk State University, Sen. Miller sees a need for strong female leaders in the world.

“We stand on the shoulders of those before us. I was the first female Senate committee chair and now there are seven women serving as committee chairs in the Senate. One of my platforms is to encourage women to take a leadership role in their community.”

Deborah Barnes is taking Senator Miller’s message to heart and plans to share her love of community college with others.

“TCC’s Norfolk campus is like a family – I just love it.”

Posted by Lauren Von Herbulis

Budget hearings at community colleges

Virginia’s Community Colleges provide the locations for two of four public hearings on Governor Kaine’s 2008-2010 budget proposal.  The House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance Committee are hosting hearings today at the Roper Performing Arts Center at the Downtown Campus of Tidewater Community College and in the Community Center Conference Room at Southwest Virginia Community College in Richlands. Two other hearings were in Fairfax County and in Rustburg.  All were to begin at noon today.

— Posted by Susan Hayden

Free Video Conference Calls to Family Members Serving In Iraq

A story in today’s edition of the Virginian Pilot tells how you can make a free video conference call to a family member serving in Iraq from Tidewater Community College:

TCC’s Chesapeake campus and the Freedom Calls Foundation will provide military families with Internet and satellite video-conferencing services between Hampton Roads and American military bases in Iraq.

For more information, e-mail TCC at freedomcalls@tcc.edu or call (757) 822-1122.

The article doesn’t say, but a good place to begin the process of signing up for a call may be this link.  You can also learn more about the process by reading TCC’s press release announcing the calls.

Posted by Jeff Kraus 

You Too Can Purchase Bono’s T-shirt at TCC

Bono and Secretary Rice 

Rock star?  Political activist?  I guess your first thought when someone says Bono’s name reveals something about you- especially your age.

But if you want to rock out Bono’s sense of fashion, you have only to go to Tidewater Community College’s bookstore, according to an article in today’s Virginian Pilot.

Tidewater Community College [has] partnered with Barnes & Noble and edun LIVE, a company founded by U2 superstar Bono and his wife, Ali Hewson, to offer T-shirts made from cotton produced in sub-saharan Africa. Bono and Hewson started edun LIVE earlier this year to create jobs in Africa. Barnes & Noble is selling the T-shirts in 650 college bookstores, including its NSU and TCC stores in Hampton Roads. The colleges imprint the shirts with their logos.

How popular will the organically-grown cotton T-shirts be?  Time will tell.  But it seems like the “millenials” – the trendy word for the current generation of college-age students – are willing to make social causes a priority when making fashion choices.

Rykia Lovick, 21, is a Tidewater Community College student. “I feel like we don’t help Africa like we help other countries. We’re always willing to help someone else, so these shirts are good.”

If you want to learn more about the edun LIVE company, you can check out their website.

Posted by Jeff Kraus

Governor Wants VCCS to Lead Virginia Workforce Development (Part II)

The Virginian Pilot has additional details in their story today about Governor Tim Kaine‘s declaration that Virginia’s Community Colleges should be the leading state agency on workforce development efforts in the commonwealth.

With their deep roots in cities and towns and their tight connections to students and businesses, community colleges “can put programs in place in a nimble and quick way to meet private-sector needs,” Kaine said.

Initially, Kaine said, the work-force plan will mostly involve transferring funding and personnel from other agencies to the Virginia Community College System.

During his speech, Kaine noted that the proposal posed an “internal challenge” and might not be popular in Richmond. “Everybody wanted to be in charge,” he said.

Tidewater Community College President Debbie DiCroce is quoted in the story as saying that the realignment is a complement to what Virginia’s Community Colleges do, but it won’t be easy.

“On the one hand, this is an ‘atta boy, an affirmation of the role community colleges have played in work-force development. On the other hand, it’s almost a challenge to say: Let’s look at how we all might better be able to connect the dots.”

She said the question of funding was inescapable.

“Certainly, we can speak to realignment of existing resources,” DiCroce said. “More broadly, it strikes me that we need to look at whether there is sufficient investment on the part of the commonwealth relative to work-force development to get the job done, however it’s structured.”

Posted by Jeff Kraus